Jason's LEGO® Sets

Here is a list of LEGO® sets I own. I do more than this, but the other sets are all from ten years ago when I was still in the target LEGO® audience age range. I have none of the boxes or instructions for those sets. :(

Set links are to the database at LUGNET.

I am not selling or trading these sets unless the specific set notes thus in the Comments column.

Here is the perl script, header, footer, and data file used to generate this page.

Sets I have
Set # Title Quantity Comments
325Percy Pig1Missing box instructions pieces
454Landing Plates1
497Galaxy Explorer1Missing box instructions pieces
588Police Headquarters1Missing box instructions pieces
627Large Blue Baseplate1
813Baseplate (Green)3
821Brick Separator2
897Rocket Launcher1Missing box
918Space Transport1Missing box but extra instructions
924Transporter1Missing box
1194{Classic Play Desk Value Pack}1
1195{Life on Mars Polybag}5
1298Advent Calendar1
1374Green Goblin1
1356Stunt Man Catapult1
1411{Filming of a Pirate Scene}1
1462Galactic Scout1
1463Treasure Cart1
1478{M-Tron Buggy}1Missing box
1491Dual Defender1Missing box
1492Battle Cove1
1549Build-A-Santa and Chimney1
1596Ghost with Wolfman1Missing box
1677Easter Rabbit1
1680{Crusader's Cart}1Missing box
1710Snow Scooter1
1711Snow Scooter2
1712Crossbow Cart1
1713Shipwrecked Pirate4
1714{Spy Scout}2
1723{Dragon Masters(1794)/Imperial Guards(1795) Combo Pack}1
1746Castle Bag1
1785Crater Critters1
1787Crater Cruiser2
1789Star Hawk II6
1804Battle Boat1
1807Santa and Sled1
1819950 pc Value Bucket5
1822Sea Claw 71
1843Space / Castle Value Pack1
1875Meteor Monitor1Missing box
1974Star Quest1Missing box instructions
1980Build-A-Pair of Elves1
2129Bungee Blaster1
2152Robo Raptor9
2153Robo Stalker2
2154Robo Master2
2160Crystal Scavenger3
2161Aqua Dozer2
2162Hydro Reef Wrecker3
2250Holiday Advent Calendar1
2532Passenger Jet1
2535SHELL Race Car1
2536SHELL Water Jet1
2537SHELL River Raft1
2538SHELL Crossbow Flamer1
2539SHELL Batwing Flyer1
2540SHELL Fright Knights' Catapult1
2541SHELL Adventurers' Buggy1
2542SHELL Adventurers' Mini Plane1
2543SHELL UFO Zipper1
2544SHELL Technic Microbike1
2554{SHELL Pit Stop}1
2555{SHELL Belville Swing Set}1
2556SHELL F1 Ferrari1
2878Santa Claus1
3025Limited Edition 601 piece bucket6
3033{Unnamed 1200-piece brick tub}1
3038Spider Slayer1Missing pieces
3047Trick or Treat Bucket2
3050Shanghai Surprise1
3401Shoot 'n Score1
3402Grandstand with Lights1
3451Sopwith Camel1
3406Americas Bus1
3438McDonald's Restaurant1
3442LEGOLAND California Truck2
3510{ZNAP Polybag}1
3520{ZNAP Forklift}1
3532{ZNAP Jet-ski}1
3537Skateboard Vert Park Challenge1
3552Hover-Sub with Motor1
3731Pumpkin Pack1
3732{Castle Expander Pack}1
3738Large Spruce Tree1
3739Blacksmith Shop1
4024Advent Calendar1
4097Mini Robots1
4101Wild Collection1
4137Freestyle 120pc minibucket1
4157Freestyle Polybag1
4293{Classic Value Pack}1
4349Wild Pod1
4401Little Creations1
4484MINI X-Wing Fighter & TIE Advanced1
4485MINI Sebulba's Podracer & Anakin's Podracer1
4486MINI AT-ST & Snowspeeder1
4487MINI Jedi Starfighter & Slave I1
4488MINI Millennium Falcon1
4490MINI Republic Gunship1
4500Rebel Snowspeeder1
4508Titan XP1
4539Level Crossing1
4561Railway Express1
4615Red Recon Flyer1
4695MINI Knight Bus1
4701Sorting Hat2
4702The Final Challenge1
4707Hagrid's Hut1
4711Flying Leason1
4721Hogwarts Classrooms1
4722House of Gryffindor1
4723Diagon Alley Shops1
4726Quidditch Practice1
4727Aragog in the Dark Forest1
4728Escape from Privet Drive1
4750Draco's Encounter with Buckbeak1
4751Harry and the Marauder's Map1
4755Knight Bus1
4756Shrieking Shack1
4790Alpha Team Robot Diver1
4796Ogel Mutant Squid1
4806Axe Cart1
4811Defense Archer2
4881Robo Platoon1
4910Hover Scout2
4920Rapid Rider1
4924Advent Calendar1
4940Granite Grinder3
4950Loader Dozer1
4980Tunnel Transport1
5119Micro Motor1
5120Polarity Switch1
5127Antennas & Control Sticks2
5135Castle Accessories2
52259 Volt Motor1
5381Adventurers Accessories1
5386Antennas & Control Sticks1
5902River Raft2
5903Johnny Thunder & Baby T1
5918Scorpion Tracker1
5920Island Racer1
5921Research Glider2
5925Pontoon Plane1
5934Track Master1
5936Spider's Secret1
5988Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins1
6007Bat Lord2
6008Royal King1
6008Royal King1Missing pieces
6009Black Knight1
6009Black Knight1Missing box
6009Black Knight1Missing box instructions
6009Black Knight1Missing box instructions pieces
6016Knight's Arsenal1Missing box
6018Battle Dragon1Missing box
6020Magic Shop1
6020Magic Shop1Missing pieces
6021Jousting Knights1Missing box
6023Maiden's Cart1Missing box
6024Bandit Ambush1
6026King Leo1
6032Catapult Crusher1
6033Treasure Transport1
6034Black Monarch's Ghost2Missing box
6036Skeleton Surprise1
6038Wolfpack Renegades1Missing box
6040Blacksmith Shop1Missing box
6045Ninja Surprise1
6046Hemlock Stronghold1
6054Forestmen's Hideout1
6057Sea Serpent1Missing box piece
6059Knight's Stronghold1Missing box
6066Camouflaged Outpost1Missing box
6071Forestmen's Crossing1
6075Wolfpack Tower1Missing box
6077Knight's Procession1Missing instructions box pieces
6077Forestmen's River Fortress1Missing box
6078Royal Drawbridge1
6079Dark Forest Fortress1
6082Fire Breathing Fortress1
6083Samurai Stronghold1
6090Royal Knights Castle1
6093Flying Ninja Fortress1
6094Guarded Treasury1
6097Night Lords Castle1
6107Recon Ray1
6110Solo Sub1
6115Shark Scout2
6145Crystal Crawler1
6160Sea Scorpion1
6180Hydro Search Sub1
6190Shark's Crystal Cave1
6198String Ray Stormer1
6234Renegade's Raft1Missing box
6235Buried Treasure1Missing box
6244Armada Sentry1
6248Volcano Island1
6268Renegade Runner1
6271Imperial Flagship1Missing boxa
6296Shipwreck Island1
6317Trees and Flowers10
6326Town Folks1
6331Patriot Jet1
6368Jet Airliner1Missing box instructions pieces
6375Exxon Gas Station1Missing box instructions pieces
6390Main Street1Missing box instructions pieces
6406Go Kart1
6414Dolphin Point2
6420Mail Carrier1
6427Road Signs2
6428Wave Saver1
6431Road Rescue1
6441Deep Reef Refuge1
6444Outback Airstrip1
6445Emergency Evac1
6452, 6469Mini Rocket Launcher1
6453Com-Link Cruiser3
6458, 6469Satellite with Astronaut1
6462Aerial Recovery2
6465, 6469Space Port Jet1
6463Lunar Rover1
6470{Mini Dumper}1
6477Fire Fighter's Lift Truck1
6473ResQ Cruiser1
6487Mountain Rescue1
6537Hydro Racer1
6553Crisis News Crew1
6555Sea Hunter1
6564Recycle Truck1
6567Speed Splasher1
6569Artic Value Pack1
6578Polar Explorer1
6579Ice Surfer1
6582Daredevil Flight Squad1
6599Shark Attack1
6614Launch Evac 11
6648Dump Truck1Missing box instructions pieces
6649Street Sweeper1
6653Highway Maintenance Truck1Missing box instructions pieces
6684Police Patrol Squad1Missing box instructions pieces
6686Backhoe1Missing box instructions pieces
6705Space Explorers1
6709Tribal Chief1
6712Sheriff's Showdown1
6720Tyrannosaurus Rex1
6735Air Chase1
6769Fort LEGOREDO1
6771Ogel Command Striker3
6772Alpha Team Cruiser1
6781SP-Striker1Missing box instructions
6791Bandit's Wheelgun1
6802Space Probe1
6811Pulsar Charger1Missing instructions box
6812Grid Trekkor1Missing box
6815Hovertron1Missing instructions box
6816Cyber Blaster1
6817Beta Buzzer2
6828Twin-Winged Spoiler1Missing box
6831Message Decoder1Missing box
6833Beacon Tracer1Missing box
6834Celestial Sled1
6834Celestial Sled1Missing box
6835Saucer Scout2
6835Saucer Scout1Missing box
6837Cosmic Creeper1
6846Tri-Star Voyager1Missing instructions box
6852Sonar Security2
6852Sonar Security1Missing box
6854Alien Fossilizer2
6856Planetary Decoder2
6876Alienator1Missing instructions box
6877Vector Detector1Missing instructions box
6877Vector Detector1Missing box
6878Sub Orbital Guardian1Missing box
6880Surface Explorer1Missing instructions box
6887Allied Avenger1Missing box
6889Recon Robot1
6890Cosmic Cruiser1Missing instructions box pieces
6891Gamma-V Laser Craft1Missing box pieces
6895Spy-Trak I1Missing box
6896Celestial Forager1Missing box
6897Rebel Hunter1
6897Rebel Hunter1Missing box
6899Nebula Outpost1
6902Space Plane1
6903Bug Blaster2
6905Bi-wing Blaster1
6919Planetary Prowler1
6923Particle Ionizer1
6927All-Terrain Vehicle1Missing box pieces
6933Spectral Starguider1Missing box
6938, 1737Scorpion Detector2
6939Saucer Centurion1
6943Space Sled2
6950Mobile Rocket Transport1Missing box pieces
6951Robot Command Center1
6952Solar Power Transporter1
6954Renegade1Missing box
6958Android Base1
6970Beta-1 Command Base1Missing instructions box pieces
6971Intergalactic Command Base1Missing box
6982Explorien Starship1
6986Mission Commander1
6987Message-Intercept Base1
6989Mega Core Magnetizer1Missing box
6669Diesel Daredevel1Missing box
7000Young Ankylosaurus1
7001Young Iguanodon1
7002Young Brachiosaurus1
7003Young Dimetrodon1
7101Lightsaber Duel1
7103Jedi Duel1
7104Desert Skiff1
7106Droid Escape1
7111Droid Fighter3
7113Tusken Raider Encounter1
7115The Gungan Patrol1
7119Twin-Pod Cloud Car1
7121Naboo Swamp2
7124Flash Speeder3
7126Battle Droid Carrier1
7127Imperial AT-ST1
7131Anakin's Podracer2
7133Bounty Hunter Pursuit1
7134A-Wing Fighter1
7139Ewok Attack2
7140X-Wing Fighter1
7141Naboo Fighter2
7143Jedi Starfighter1
7144Slave I2
7146TIE Fighter1
7150TIE Fighter & Y-Wing1
7151Sith Infiltrator1
7153Jango Fett's Slave I1
7155Trade Federation AAT1
7159Pod Racer Bucket1
7184Trade Federation MTT1
7161Gungan Sub1
7166Imperial Shuttle1
7171Mos Espa Podrace1
7180B-Wing at Rebel Control Center1
7181TIE Interceptor1
7190Millennium Falcon1
7200Final Duel I2
7201Final Duel II1
7203Jedi Defense I2
7204Jedi Defense II1
7310Mono Jet2
7311Red Planet Cruiser2
7313Red Planet Protector1
7314Recon-Mech RP1
7315Solar Explorer1
7409Secret of the Tomb1
7831{Small Red Creator Bucket}2
7837Build and Create1
8000Pit Droid1
8001Battle Droid1
8002Destroyer Droid1
8202Bungee Chopper1
8223Hydrofoil 73
8236Bike Burner1
8552Lehvak Va1
8553Pahrak Va1
8569BIONICLE Krana2
8836Sky Ranger1
9365LEGO Dacta Community Vehicles2
9719Mindstorms Robotics Invention System1
9732Extreme Creatures1
9738Remote Control1
9755Temperature Sensor1
9756Rotation Sensor2
10000Guarded Inn1
10165Elf Boy1
10166Elf Girl1
10020Santa Fe Super Chief1
10025Santa Fe Cars Set I1
10036Pizza to Go1
10037Breezeway Cafe1
10039Black Falcon's Fortress1
10042US Flag1
10046Brown Tiles (1x2 1x4 1x6)
100511x2 Clear Bricks1
10067Mini-Fig Headgear1
10071Mr. Bunny1
UFO Keychain1
Director Keychain1

Jason M. Spangler,