Early Communication

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First Phone Communication


Lisa called Robin Sussman, Restrive Covenants Assistant, on 2002-8-12 around 1:45pm.

Her boss is Margaret Wingrove, Contract Manager.  The people who decide are the Board of Directors.

We offered to give them a tour of the garden, explain Xeriscaping, native plants, habitat gardening, and natural gardening, and answer any questions they had. She refused, saying that is not how they did things.

She will come out and re-inspect the property. They aren't going to mow without first pursing legal action.  She said they would not mow since we called.

She has our name and everything on file so as long as she goes out and everything seems fine she will know us from now on.

If there are further problems (or if someday a neighbor calls in) we have to talk to the Board.

She said no one had complained about our property.  She said they just drove around the neighborhood and anything that looked too tall or weedy they took a picture and moved on.

She said she might like to have a Texas Wildscape herself someday because her plants keep dying.  Lisa offered to show her our plans and help with plant selection.

Lisa told her about:

Our Written Response

Our Response Letter

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Letters from Others

Several individuals from local organizations and governments contacted us, and several wrote letters of support.

Enclosed Information

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Benefits of Natural Landscaping

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The Covenant and Why We Are Not In Violation

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Misuse of Weed Laws

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References and Additional Information

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Extra Information

Jason M. Spangler,